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Break of Day     122cm X 237cm     paper     $23500
Twilight     66.2cm X66.3cm     paper     $3600
Blooming in the Rain     45cm X 45.3cm     paper     $1900
Lily Pool by Moon Light    72.5cm X 70.8cm     paper     $4500
Shower in the Sun     50cm X 130cm     paper     $9650
  Seeking     33.3cm X 33.3cm     paper     $900.jpg  
Lotus Series      17.1cm X 17.1cm X4     paper     $900
Early Autumn     43cm X 19.5cm     paper     $9650
Pool Under the Autumn Moon     149.5cm X 149.5cm     canvas     $18200
Pear Blossom in the Rain     70cm X 69.3cm     paper     $4500
Silent Night-2     65.5cm X 65.8cm     paper     $3600

Seeking 33.3cm X 33.3cm paper $900 Download
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