My work is very simple, it is based on experience of the simple and honest nature life -- all these are not artificial but from this miraculous land, simple life, with the silent and historic monument, which let me think and imagine freely. Based on the special Tibetan region and culture background I create my own form; absorb the nutrition from the soil of the ancient and old traditional art. But it is not a reproducing of old tradition. My work is not bound by any rule and stipulation.

I have pursued the simplest life of Tibet and beauty of nature, and use that emotion with most earnestness of mine to feel a simple and mysterious painting language

Born in Lhasa in 1976, she graduated from the Art Department of Tibet University, Lhasa in 1999.
Member artist of the China Minority Art Association and of the Gedun Choephel Artists Guild.
“Bathing day” was nominated at the national Exhibition of Minority Regions of China
held in Beijing in 1999;
“My sister” was nominated as outstanding work at the China Minority Art Exhibition.

Gedunchoephel Artists' Guild
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