Large Stained Glass Window Hundreds of Pieces and nerly one hundred Jewels
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Price - $7000.00 USD - Currency Converter
( €uro - 4531   UK £ - 3592   Rs - 290850   ¥en - 721070   ¥uan - 48913 )

Medium - Leaded Stained Glass
Size - Very large, 105" X 64" Overall Dimension with three inch veticle grain fir trim

This is a magnificent piece with over eighty jewels and over eight hundred pieces carefuly crafted to form this warm beauty. It is sure to add elegance and spledor to any room or home it is put into. Many of the pieces follow the same color and grain patterns within a section. This is characteristic of original Tiffany glass and is a very difficult task to master. The actual age is unknown but we believe it to date back to the nineteenth century. The buyer will have to arrange and pay for all shipping and handling costs with this item.

Item # 000C4AE - $7,000 USD


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